MSA Officers 2018

Since 1985, the Manatee Sailing Association has been attracting sailing enthusiasts of all levels.  We are a community of sailors, some with boats, and some without, who share a common love for sailing.  We don’t have an official home base, but most of our members live near Florida’s Western central waters.

Our number one goal is to promote safe sailboat handling through shared experiences and education whether cruising or racing,   And of course, to foster the friendship that naturally occurs in our sailing community.

We meet monthly and generally sponsor a cruise in local waters each month.  We also have longer cruises of a week or more.  Annually, we join with fellow sailors in chartering sailboats in the seven seas.

We usually gather at a local establishment on the last Friday of the month for a Don't Worry Be Happy - TGIF.  Where we share food, drinks and sea tales with our fellow sailors.

MSA is a non-profit organization.

Commodore                      Karen Brazell
Vice Commodore             Charles Zajaczkowski
Rear Commodore             Arja Adair
Secretary                            Claude Salomon
Social Secretary                Gail Gordon
Cruising Capt.                    Rick & Adelia Jackerson
Treasurer                            Patti Korn

Past Commodore              Marino Garci

Membership                        James Kramer